Morph identification help

I got this ball python from someone who did not know what they were doing. They said it was a pastel female, but i am doubting that since i found out first it was a male, but second i gave a super pastel that looks nothing close… any ideas?


Looks like a lesser. Here is a lesser on the market right now
It isn’t light enough to be a pastel lesser either. So I say just a plain lesser.

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I’m with Ash.
It’s a lesser, definitely not a pastel.
I’d say a Lesser Fire though.

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It doesn’t seem to have enough blushing on the head to really say fire for me. All of the fire lesser I have seen always have more blushing on the head like the one I posted a link to. On top of more blushing on the sides and just slightly lighter browns. Only way to really tell fire is just to let it get older. If it continues to get lighter and lighter then it has fire.

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Looking at the headstamp more, I’m starting to think vanilla instead. It looks like a Mickey mouse… what do you think? :thinking: I guess only time will tell.

Looks like lesser/butter to me. Nothing more

Yep I would say lesser as well and not much else