Morph Identification Pastel - Disco Pastel - Firefly

Hello, can someone help me with the morph?
I have three snakes that need identification in their morph. I did bought four ( no. 4 was also a pastel ), but one of the seller could send me a picture and i did identify it. But the other seller does’nt respond.
Normally i have name plates on their tub and terrarium. But this time i really messed up!
1 x Firefly
1 x Pastel
1 x Disco Pastel

This is one of them.

This is the second, I’ll have to get a better picture.

Please excuse my bad English.

I appreciate any help!


The first animal is a single-gen Pastel

The second animal could be the FireFly or the Disco Pastel. Disco and Fire are so similar in appearance that it is next to impossible to tell them apart. The only way to know for sure would be breeding to another Fire. If you make a white snake then it is the Fire. If you make a really washed out, disrupted pattern animal then it is the Disco