Morph Identification Please Help

Hi we picked up a large collection from some people who’s roommate went to jail and had a breeding operation we need some help identifying the morphs in this collection. We’re thinking this girl is either normal or pos yellow belly.


Looks just Normal Het Pied. Ringer and tracks.

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This animal appears to be an Enchi


thank you! appreciate the help

thanks for the help!

I have another snake that no one has been able to help us identify, this is him!

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Do you have any information on it. Maybe a few pictures from different angles? It definitely isn’t a normal judging by that picture. And handling snakes with dem nails seems like it may be tough lol.


This animal definitely has Enchi and Pastel. I suspect it likely has something from the BlkEL complex as well

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Unfortunately this BP was from the same group of snakes that I wasn’t able to get any information about. He is currently locked up with one of my females so when he is finished i’ll add more pictures.

I’m in agreement with this!

I’ve never heard of that complex, what is that exactly?

Black Eyed leustic complex

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As Shaun notes. It contains morphs like: Fire, Vanilla, Disco, Sulfur, Ember, Lemonback, Mota, DesertLemon, Sauce…

I would say the most likely candidate would be Fire. Runner up would be Vanilla


I would heavily favor fire over vanilla.

alright thank you guys for the help!