Morph identification

Not sure what to call them?
dame and sire sold to me as…

Dame; Hypo High end Jungle T2 Anery
Sire; Hypo pos 66% Albino 100 Blood
if needed I can get picts of the sire as well…
TIA M&M community!


The dame is not a jungle plasma boa. She might be het T2 Anery but she is definitely not visual. Pictures of the sire would be awesome and would help us greatly.

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Pictures number 4 the lower right is my favorite. :snake: :heart:

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thank you for your response
Okay so it’ll take me a little while but I will get pictures on here this evening…
Dame and sire both came from Changing Lanes Exotics, KC Virginia MM member
Im curious what you think she might be besides het T2 Anery… do you need more pics of her or any of the others… I really need an expert opinion without a doubt if possible… she is not the type of boa that is seen commonly and her babies are something extravagant and they’re all seemingly unique… I appreciate the best of the best expert opinions and need positive ids for sales and certificates of health before being shipped… not to mention the money I have in them… Id like to know what they are because right now in your post… you are saying… Mr. Virginia is wrong and she is not what she was sold to me as. Definitely like to get to the bottom of this .

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Oh sorry I should have made this clear, I think she is a hypo high expression jungle het T2 Anery.

I can tag some other people to help you out too. @mattcookreptiles and @tommccarthy

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I will take as many pictures as necessary of babies and parents if it will help.
if the shots aren’t good enough please be considerate and to tell me specifically what you need… belly…head …back… sides… tail… etc…
I came here to be educated by entrepreneurs… experts and professional reptile keepers/handlers…
Experts only so please no guessing … I could go to Facebook if I wanted inaccurate and poor information.

I don’t work with the blood or anery genes at all so I am no real help with them. But with just browsing the classifieds I do see what looks like blood boas in a few of yours. Hopefully someone with blood boa experience will chime in here.

The jungle gene I do work with. You have a lot of jungles there.

Dame; Hypo High end Jungle T2 Anery.
By the looks of yours I would say your Dame is het T2 anery not a T2 anery. She is way to red. Only the person who produced her will know for sure what she is. So being het T2 anery all her babies will be 66% het for T2 anery. She would have to be a visual anery to make all her babies 100% het anery.

Sire; Hypo pos 66% Albino 100 Blood.
Please post pics of your sire. Being he is possible 66% het albino you will not really know if your babies are 50 % het albino. You need to breed him with a 100 % het or an albino to prove him out. I don’t know how the blood gene works
But I would think if he is a 100% het blood all his offspring would be 66% het blood.

Now with both parents being hypos you will have a few super hypos. No way to really tell until you grow them up and breed them.

A super hypo will make all your babies hypo with what ever you breed it with.

First baby pic.
The bottom right boa the light colored one is a jungle and maybe a super hypo. ( I would keep this one) The next two up. Middle and bottom left are jungles and have other stuff going on with them. Left one may be a blood boa. Top left looks to have blood in it. Top right looks to be normal.

Third baby pic.
Top and bottom one are jungle and the bottom one could be a super hypo.( I would keep both of them. ) The striping in the bottom one I have seen that striping in blood and leopard boas in the classifieds. The middle one is a possible jungle and maybe a blood boa to.

I know this will sound mean or bad but I don’t mean any disrespect at all. All breeder should know all about there genetic they are working with before breeding. This will help with identifying what boas they produce. It will only help the novice buyer be more educated when buy boas. It will only help are boa community in the long run.

I myself only breed genetics I like and know what I will produce. This way I can guarantee what the babies are when I sell them.

Hope all this helped you out.
Take care

Here are some links to help you out.