Morph identification?

Almost positive that she’s a hypo, but what’s with these “butterfly” saddles?? I’ve been scouring websites, blogposts, and boa ads hoping to figure it out on my own.
Also, how long is too long for ovulatory swelling without copulation? She goes through this plumping phase every couple of weeks but this one has lasted for quite a bit longer than usual. (She is plump in photo)


Yup, Hypo! Butterfly saddles define hypos from normals usually too.

Im not really seeing the plumping you’re talking about. A before and after photo would help.


Yeah, she is a beautiful hypo! Just like @mattcookreptiles said, a few photos to compare would be super helpful. Thank you :blush:.

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She has thinned out again, but still unusually moody. These photos are from before I moved her to her “big girl” tank. One thick, one thin. Original phot is the first time I’d seen her do the signature coil

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