Morph identification

Hi guys, was wondering if you could help me ID this little guy. Owner said it was pastel spotnose but I don’t think so.

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Why do you say that? What are you seeing that they weren’t?

Need a clear head shot to determine Spotnose. That said, I am not really seeing Spot in there

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Spotnose is characterised by the head stamp, incomplete dorsal stripe and alien heads (I think). The only other pictures I have of him were of him eating, so I can’t post that without violating rules. But his head definitely had no definitive head stamp.

I would ask the owner for better photos. Need to see the head to make a 100% id.

But I’m gonna say no to spotnose being in this animal.

Doesn’t spotnose have that bleach-white-ish looking pattern going all the way down the back?

I honestly know almost nothing about spotnose except you need it for batman.
I just wanted to hear some reasoning behind the question so I could know what I’m looking at a little more if it’s a morph I’m not familiar with otherwise I have no reference point.

But if that’s true that’s new info to me, I was unaware it affected any pet of the snake other than the head pattern.

If you don’t trust the breeder then on the spot ask them for paperwork you can read regarding the parents pairing. If s/he is at all trust worthy they will at least have a card or sheet refering to the pairing. What the mum/dad was, clutch size, dates… And so on. If they can’t provide them then the risk goes through the roof.

Also ask to see the parents so you can see that they are what they says.

Spotnose, by itself, tends to be a little lighter in the golden areas but I would not call it bleach-white. The characteristics of Spotnose are the headstamp (as previously noted), a tendency toward paired spots on the nose (hence the name), a more regular, blocky lateral patterning, and I higher instance toward dorsal stripe.

When paired with Pastel, the combo tends to be busier and brighter, neither of which I am seeing in the animal pictured.


Sadly paperwork is only as good as the breeder itself, and most animals are not sold with any type of paperwork.

Even if someone as pictures of the dam and sire it does not always mean that the animal for sale comes from those specific animals.

It again comes down to buying from a reputable breeder.


We should get some sort of system put in place, even if it is only used by few, to help prove what this being sold is exactly what is being advertised.
Even if breeder were to add on the extra few £ for the effort, it would be worth it.
But finding one that people couldn’t abuse would be damn difficult and more problematic for you guys that run the behind the scenes.

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So I’ve just come back from London, but I’m here with my spotnose and just looking at him gives you a good idea of what makes a spotnose (note that his colouration is a little paler due to other genes)

I did quite a bit of research after making this thread, and that ball in the first post is definitely not Spotnose. So what is he? I was thinking just pastel?