Morph identifying

Does any body no if there is an published books on morph identification with material to for referencing when identifying??

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I’m in the middle of doing a encyclopedia, though I’m still in the early stages.

Here is a example of how they look so far:
This is the Clown page.

And here is the Piebald page:

Once the foundation of each morph is done, I’m hoping for the staff and higher educated breeders to pitch in and add/correct any information.

These cannot be used outside of morphmarket unless otherwise authorized by Morphmarket itself as all images have been and will be sourced from here.


That’s good mate really good will take a while but imagine it will be well worth the time


Our industry has needed something like this for years. It’s a lot of work. Kudos to you for taking on such a monumental task. There needs to be some kind of record documenting the history behind each morph and an accurate description (if possible)… realizing that some morphs are hard to describe accurately due to the variability within a single gene.

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