Morph Issues [African Fat-Tailed Geckos]

Morph Issues

This is a list of all the morphs and combos that have known issues associated with them. Feel free to reply with updates to this list.

Last Update: April 05 2022

Morph Issue Source
Albino/Amel light sensitivity, Fatal in Combos
Caramel light sensitivity, Female Infertility
Ghost light sensitivity, Female Infertility
Super White Out lethal

Caramel females are infertile


Amel combos are often lethal. They have been produced but a lot of them die. Ghost females are also infertile.


Questionable on the amel.
Lots of amel combos have been made and been fine.
Amel whiteouts, amel oreo whiteouts, amel patternless etc… There’s quite a few…

I know ‘years’ ago, amel whiteout was mentioned I think it was, and with Oreo?, but since then been proven fine, it’s actually what I’m working on with my amel and whiteout Oreo :grin:


I know they’ve been produced but a lot of the combos die. The genes may have been strengthened over time but they are at least sometimes lethal, if not mostly lethal.

A lot of the issues with infertility are caused by irresponsible breeding when the morphs were first discovered, namely inbreeding. My friend Seth at Huff’s Herps is working on projects outcrossing ghosts and caramels to see if he can’t aid in reversing some of the damage done!

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Can you supply any evidence to this point? Some mutations simply come attached to deleterious results. Outcrossing will do nothing to prevent genetic infertility or lethal supers.

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A friend has a female proven ghost.

So it’s ‘can have infertility issues’. It’s a possibility, not 100%.

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Please can you ask them to start a thread on here (or give you the info to do so) so we can keep that documented?


I have asked.

He’s Ridgeway Exotics.


I will love you forever if you can get Simon on here :crossed_fingers:

I love Seth. I got my pet only WO Oreo girl from him. If I remember correctly he had a line where he had noticed some neurological issues in one of the parents, so just in case it happened to be genetic, he rehomed the entire line of animals as pet only. She’s a very spoiled pet here and I know he’s done some outcrossing work in other genes.

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