Morph Issues [Ball Pythons]

The list has been updated here to reflect the Spotnose x Spider and other pairings but the website has not been updated and people are still sharing the old list. I posted a sceenshot of this but would be cool to update the list on the OWAL site as well. Thank you!

I don’t think that “All Pied BluEL combos” is inaccurate, even if Daddy types and/or Super Daddy don’t show the phenotype (which I would expect to be the case with Super Daddy, even if it’s still exhibited in ALS Daddy combos). While it’s at the same locus, I wouldn’t consider Daddy (or Super Daddy) Pied a BluEL combo anyway, since it isn’t blue eyed or leucistic in het or hom phenotype. My personal belief is that Daddy is essentially Normal (since even the homozygous phenotype is within the normal range of pattern and colour for the species), but has a lower share of the dominance than other normal alleles at that locus. Which would explain why the phenotype of a compound heterozygous with one of the BEL complex morphs, is lighter and brighter, closer to the leucistic homozygous appearance.

It will be updated when I get some time. Working 12 hours 7 days a week with scattered overtime. I still need to get my software setup again for editing the website on the new computer.


quick question when people say bh masks the spider wobble does it eliminate it completely or does it just make it less noticeable?


Far as I know it eliminates the wobble. Also a black head spider doesn’t even resemble a spider.


In the combo there is no presentation of the wobble that has been publicly reported, take that as you will LOL

One thing that I believe that needs repeating here is that this is not a “cure” for wobble. If you breed the BH/Spider combo out all the Spiders from it will have wobble.


Question: I have seen mention of Spotnose x HGW having a wobble, but I do not see anything about Spotnose x Woma. Can anyone shed some light on this combination for me? Does anyone have any experience? TIA :slight_smile:


Hgw and woma will wobble in the single gene form


Nothing like reviving a dead post lol but I second @zacodeeser44 question. Anyone have experience with spotnose woma combinations? I have a couple pairings i thought of making that could produce spotnose woma combos but a little worried about defects in the offspring.


The only person I know that made these in any numbers was Ben Renick. Ben was a pretty straight-forward guy and I never heard him comment on there being issues with them. That said, when you are dealing with numbers at the level Ben was then it is possible he would have missed more subtle wobble issues.


While your here @t_h_wyman, I was wondering if you could help me out with the Banana morph.

I am finding a awful lot of conflicting information and arguements around whether or not the banana gene transfers through the sex chromosomes. Up until doing heavy research I thought it was agreed upon , but now I’m not sure as to what the general consensus is around it.

Have we got proven evidence of what is going on yet? Or are we still going of breeders statements?

Thank you for any help you can give me.


The gene has not been definitively located but based on Warren Booth’s work and the heritability pattern it does appear that the gene is primarily located on the X chromosome (except when it “jumps” to the Y chromosome)


Nice one :+1:

Unless I’ve missed it, I dont see any mention of a Super HGW or any such animal on the Marketplace.

Is HGW x HGW lethal?

Yep. Look for mention made by Kevin for the Pearl


I have never seen this in my own Mojave Pied or Super Mojave Pieds. In my experience they’ve all had normal eyes.

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I can second that. My buddy owns 3 mojave pied adults and they are completely normal in terms of behavior. I have yet to see a big eyed Mojave pied

Microphthalmia is small eyes, not big eyes. And the phenotype is only with Pied superforms, not single gene form; e.g., Pied SuperLesser, Pied SuperPhantom, Pied MysticPotion, Pied Crystal…

I have never seen a case where the Pied supers had normal eyes


Ah ok I figured I had mixed up the two

I’ve seen several super Mojave Pieds and all of them seem to have normal eyes.