Morph Issues [Carpet Pythons]

Morph Issues

This is a list of all the morphs and combos that have known issues associated with them. Feel free to reply with updates to this list.

Last Update: April 08 2022

Morph Issue Source
Jaguar Wobble
Super Jaguar Lethal
Granite Granite has/had inbreeding depression but there is suspicion that it may also have some inherent issues as well, neuro-type symptoms
Super Zebras Difficult to hatch, Severe Tail Kinking

Are there any known combos that Jaguar doesnt perform well with?

Or any like blackhead that seem to reduce the problem?

No additional issues w caramel zebra jungle combos. I’ve hatched several clutches w no issues beyond the normal jag wobble. Not sure about albino or axanthic but haven’t heard of any.


Super Zebras can have severe tail kinking and large percentage don’t hatch.

Paul Harris talks about it here


^^ this is correct ^^

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