Morph Market Community appreciation

I just wanted to take a minute to thank those of you who have shared your time, knowledge and support as I continue to try and become a better BP owner. The info I have recieved on here has been a huge assistance in creating a great environment for both my BPs. I have spent the last few weeks joining and than leaving BP groups on FB. I had no idea how many mite infested, respiratory infected, prolapsed anuses, dehydrated, burnt, unnecessarily force fed BPs were out there while the owners claimed to be knowledgable owners who love their BPs. Morph Market is definitely a sanctuary of support and knowledge in a world of really opinionated, under educated, shitty pet owners. Thank you for sharing what yall know to help keep me from becoming “one of them”
CJ, Moo and I are better off for sure


I’ll echo the same I’ve been lucky to make 2 solid relationships with a couple awesome breeders one local and one through the Market that have become great friends and helped me immensely but the forum has taught me a lot as well. It’s dope, yo.


I couldn’t agree more. This place is awesome.

Not only have I met guys like @stewart_reptiles @wreckroomsnakes @t_h_wyman and of course @john who go far and beyond to help answer any questions they can, no matter how simple or complicated it is. I’ve met people I now class as friends and I would like to eventually make real life relationships with like @nathan_e and @akmorphs… and more.

Staff are always on top of issues, feedback is always listened too and everyone has a voice.
I’ve seen people come forward with issues they wouldn’t have the confidence to post elsewhere, this place is extremely welcoming and friendly.

Basically I’m happy here. :green_heart:


Stewart, nathan, wyman, crawdaddy and a few others havent hesitated to not just correct me but offer guidance and options to help me along. I still have a ton to learn as I go. But I know that the folks whose knowledge I listen to have a long history of successful BP husbandry. Everywhere else I have looked for public info has been very distressing. Both in how the members treat one another and more importantly the after affects of said behaviors on their snakes. With 3 months experience I should never feel like the smartest one in the forum. Here I feel like a newbie. Most FB groups have thousands of members and I feel like the only one who gets it.


I really appreciate the kind words @eaglereptiles and I too am glad to say that I can associate myself with people like you and others like you mentioned like @akmorphs @stewart_reptiles @thebeardedherper @t_h_wyman @wreckroomsnakes @thecrawdfather and many many others who are contributing members on this awesome forum. It also never ceases to amaze me how a group of people who are passionate about the same thing can come together and help eachother even if we come from different backgrounds or even live in different parts of the world. This is probably one of my favorite post because it really makes you remember what a group of people can do when they work together to solve a issue, I cant even count the number of times that people have helped eachother on here regarding how to help their animal. Awesome thread and very positive!

Edit: Oh crap I almost forgot someone! This all wouldn’t be possible without @john! Even though I’ve never met him I’m pretty sure he is a cool dude and I’m glad he created this place and that he chose the right mods cause they are great too.


So happy to read this post. We work hard to make this a place were you can feel safe asking questions and also a place of knowledge and experience from new and old school breeders alike. I hope we can continue to make this a place for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Thank you @eaglereptiles and @nathan_e for the kind words. I am very happy to call you all my friends.


If you know this movie you know what song is playing…

Gotta say ain’t none of you wrong. Loads of helpful people here from all skill levels, but just as important is folks ability to take the help in the way it’s meant and not get defensive or angry when someone offers a different point of view or way of doing things. There ain’t no one way streets to success in life, and this hobby is no different. You guys and gals are great.



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Side note I have karaoke’d this song several times nothing like walking up after a bunch of hip hop or rap songs and swagging Elton John on people :joy:

Love y’all


80% of the moderator time is spent dealing with the ugly situations, caused by 1% of the user base. That work is essential, but doesn’t really leave one with a warm fuzzy.

So it’s really nice to get positive feedback.

My contributions to the MRC are mostly funding it, setting it up, and making sure it technically runs well, but most importantly picking the right people to help manage it, your @moderators. :slight_smile:

But thanks wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t also go back to you guys, the regulars who contribute quality, positive discussions and take the time to help one another.


I am a little late to the party (I tend to be off the grid on the weekends for the family) but I definitely want to thank @eaglereptiles @nathan_e and @nolagregg for their words. I am pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all doing are best to try and help you all out :+1:t3:


I haven’t posted to other forums in quite a while and just today did. Which made me want to say, thank you ever so much for this layout! I’d somewhat forgotten how much I loath posting pics to other forums and how much time and steps it takes. MM is definitely the easiest of all forums for a picture addict like myself to use! Great job!


First off I would like to say I love morphmarket I spend hours and hours day in and day out on this site. This is my get away, my relaxation and I’ve talked to so many wonderful people on here that I’ve purchased animals from mainly ball pythons but this is great. I love to see all People communicating on here about all different issues that they’re having with their animals or just sharing pictures and a lot of people coming together and Communicating and helping people out with issues that they may be having. it’s wonderful.