Morph opinions

So I’m curious on y’all opinions on what morphs these little guys are!! Mainly made this post for the last dude (Hogan) who was sold to me as a yellow and cream pinstripe male. Which I would believe… When he’s fired down. When he fires up I swear I see a reverse pin but I also don’t know enough on reverse pins to know if they are only visible during firing up. I tried to put some of my clearest photos but these little buggers are like teenagers with a gas powered bicycle.


Would need better pics of the first and last one to tell for sure - you generally need to be able to see the laterals and dorsal.
2) Lilly White
3) Lilly White
4) Empty Back possibly Super

Reverse pinstriping is just visual tigering that is being pushed up against dorsal line due to pinstripe influence so a reverse pinstripe will pretty much always also be a “normal” pinstripe if that makes sense. Can’t tell his morph from the photo, but he very well could be a yellow harlequin pinstripe with reverse pinning, one doesn’t rule out the other :blush:
Generally morphs are based on their fired up state since stuff like basecolour can be difficult to tell apart when fired down, like both a yellow-base and a red-base might be pink fired down.



Lillywhite with dal spots.

Nice dark based Pinner with snowflaking.

Need more pics of last x


I really appreciate y’all comments!! The two hatchlings are from my male LW I just wanted to confirm that both indeed are. My plans are to breed for a female LW to pair with hogan. Since my LW male doesn’t have the disposition Hogan does. :slight_smile:
He was sold to me as a Yellow and cream pin AE line.

Just want to say I will always love breeding crested geckos, there is a certain bubbly feeling I get when I see a new hatchling out and about.

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