Morph unusual patterns or not? help, sorry pic heavy is an under statement

dad was sold as a pastel het clown not confirmed by me but his babies are always throwing unusual patterns and colors, i had him with a pinstripe last year and all lemonblasts were missing pattern or it was as if it was faded/greywashed. noticed the same this year with a phantom pinstripe, one of the phantom lemonblasts is missing colour and slight parts are faded/greywashed.

heres dad hes still rather vibrant compared to my pastel female who is very dull and dark

i still have 4 pastels from last year ones in shed and the other three are pictured

the phantom lemonblasts are below as you can see the one is missing colour and faded/greywashed pattern slightly

my main question is, does it seem as if the dad is hiding something?

now my other pairing was a butter/mojave/green pastel to a phantom pinstripe, is there a way of telling the green pastel which i have found to also be known as lace black back.

i have pics of two mojaves from him in my opinon they are two different shades.

he was put with a cinnamon this year produced 3 lithiums 2 savannahs 2 butters im unsure about the butters as they arent like the butter i had last year



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If the male is a het clown that could explain the funky patterns in the offspring. I’m seeing some reduced pattern there for sure, but I don’t really dabble in clown so I’m not sure if this is the het showing through or not. I would definitely get a clown or het clown female to prove him out though, it might solve this mystery.

thanks, its only the babies off him that always seem to be unusual.
i have been looking at a few female clowns just trying to find the right one.

I am not seeing anything in the offspring that would not be explained by normal variation within the morphs.

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