Morph verification

Does he look like a fire orange dream because after talking some more with the owner on morphmarket I learned he did not produce this snake and doesn’t know who did I just want to make sure I’m getting what I’m buying


Can you take a picture of the last third of it’s body, side and belly?

The issue with buying an animal with unknown genetics is while it’s fine if you want a good looking pet as a building foundation for a breeding program it can be problematic.


I can try to get some more pictures from the seller but those are the only ones I have at the moment

Head shot would help as well. Trusting the seller and not knowing anything else - I’d say yes it could be a fire OD

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@ballpythons9 @stewart_reptiles @eaglereptiles
Any ideas if it really is a fire orange dream

Looks like a fire orange dream to me.


Ok thank you

Fire is a awkward one for me.

Just from these pictures I would say no. Only because usually fires have a light patch around the centre of their heads, where as this one seems to have the opposite. I could be wrong though, the OD could dissolve that marker. :man_shrugging:

What would you say it is then

Possibly OD vanilla.

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I’ve seen other OD fires with the same type of headstamp.

My Mojave has a dark spot like that on her head but I just thought she hurt her head at somepoint

Well I have sadly since pulled my deposit on him

There is so much variation in each and every gene that sometimes it impossible to tell even when you know the pairing.

As for vanilla I would say the same thing, they usually have a light “V” or Micky mouse shaped head stamp.

There is more experienced people on here who’s word I would take over my own though :blush:

I believe @wreckroomsnakes would be able to help out here aswel.

If you don’t mind me asking, how come you withdrew the deposit?

I have since canceled that withdraw

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Yeah i would lean more toward vanilla than fire on this one. It is missing that “typical” od fire headstamp at least from what tell on these pics.

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I just dont know if I should risk it because I want a od fire not a od vanilla


To be honest i would pass and go for something that is exactly what you are looking for without a question on the genetics in the mix. Especially if you are looking for something that is going to be part of a breeding foundation

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Ok thank you very much that’s all I needed to know, this is my first time purchasing off morphmarket

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