Morph vs. “Normal” In The Wild

What are some morphs of reptile, invertebrate, or amphibian that you think would likely perform as good or better in nature than the wild-type phenotype of the same species, in terms of survivability, and why?

Every time I open my tub of Orin’s calico morph Porcellio scaber, I think of this. In my opinion, being a “common woodlouse”, this morph (Orin’s calico) would survive just as well or better than the darker and more solidly colored wild-type P. scabers when on a bark/wood background. I’m always surprised how well they can hide in plain sight on their cork bark. I’m interested to see yalls examples!


Pinstripe ball pythons… I feel like their patterning and colour would make it extremely difficult for a predator to spot wrapped on a tree branch or in a pile of dead leaves.


True that would be a difficult one to spot in the right setting!