Morph / What Does My Gecko Cost?

What is the morph of my guy and how much do you think he is worth? Bought him from an Expo- he is around 4 years old and can no longer breed due to prolapse issues but a total sweetheart of a gecko!


If he’s unable to breed then his morph doesn’t matter much in terms of value - Based on MM pet only geckos are around 50-100usd

Morphwise he’s a yellow partial quadstripe, pos whiteout pos het emptyback


for a pet only gecko, I would say around $100. And when listing him, don’t put his traits. If you do, then it increases the risk of him being bred in the future


Would that change if i sell him at an expo vs MM ?

He had a pretty bad hemipenes prolapse - the first time he got them in by himself, the second time i had to take him to the vet twice and they were out for a few days. The vet said not to breed for at least a season… but he almost removed them so I personally think he shouldn’t be bred again period. But i dont know how common prolapse is.


No. He is a pet only and that isn’t going to change meaning that the pet only price won’t either. In my opinion, pet only prices should just to get them to a good home who respects them and not someone looking for a free pet.

Make sure that whoever purchases him knows this and mention it multiple times. Tell them how it could have killed him, how expensive vets are, and anything else that will turn off someone looking for a cheap breeder.


Pet only. £50 if you’re lucky.
Being male too.

Prolapse, once happened they CAN happen again.
I know of someone whose males had to have 1 pene removed. Can still breed with the 1 though.

But imo pet only 100%. I don’t think worth the risk.