MorphMarket App ideas

Not sure if theres a thread with this specifically for it or not. But here’s a thread to drop ideas for the admins and developers to improve the app for its users.

But i had sent in a support email recently after the app had updated. Some people like the font enlarged because it is easier to read. While others like the font smaller. I suggested one way to solve this would be in the settings allow the user to adjust the font settings. Another fix which may or may not be easier for the developers. Would be to allow the pinch/pull method like you’d enlarge or shrink pictures or web pages while browsing on your phone.

Another idea that could be very friendly for users would be to allow a light and dark viewing in the app. This option saved within the users profile. So you would have your standard white background and dark font. Or allow the user to go dark allowing the user to have a dark background and white font. Similar to how the viewing for the forum is.


I run everything in dark mode. This would be a great option. It really help when trying to use it at night.


Looks like the pinch pull option was added into the app. I adjusted the font using the device settings option. So doing both has helped tremendously. Hope to see other ideas other users have added and possibly added to the app in the future.