Morphmarket changes/updates

So, I’ve noticed a few changes pop up on the MorphMarket site today/yesterday, and I just wondered if there would be posts about it on here, or even on MorphMarket for the “news”.

The first one I can’t remember what it was, as it cleared itself when I tried to click on it. The other being that free users are now limited to 1 ad only, as opposed to the $ limit, I’m assuming?

I don’t really use other social media, so idk it’s being posted there and communicated to others that way. Just hoping to get some clarity on changes going on/coming.


I just found out about the free user change on a facebook post replying to the shipping changes…
And same thing, just a pop up that immediately disappears, not a link to an updated TOS or anything.

I’m a little disheartened by that change but ah well.
Now I need to wait and see how I want to follow up on things here because it feels like a way to weed out hobby breeders and keep to keepers with larger collections or big breeders only with that change.

Having the changes be listed IMMEDIATELY and not listed as a future update to the TOS where others can see it also feels a bit gross. MM is usually pretty good about it, but that can lead to people getting warnings and blacklists if they miss the notes and don’t immediately update ads and such. Give users a chance to prepare and all.


Ah, that was it! The changes for the overnight shipping.

Idk, I just worry that If things aren’t getting communicated to everyone it’s going to lead to some confusion. I just like to be kept in the loop and know what’s happening.

Edited to add: And agreed somewhat, regarding the changes taking effect immediately. Don’t get me wrong, but the one for the “one free listing” only bothers me because it just seems like an instantaneous attempt at a money grab from any small breeder or person with only a couple of lower end animals. Idk. Not a huge fan, doesn’t impact me directly but seems a little… greedy. I get it’s a company, and has to make money, but I like communication too.


Also… I had always though the $$ limit for free ads was $700ish 750?? And now it’s down at 500… Did I miss when did that change took effects?


I thought it was $750, so I don’t remember that change either. Maybe it’s new as well


Its a pay to play now for sure…unfortunately wasnt professionally executed in my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions…maybe MorphMarket is hurting as a company…im not a professional breeder so it was nice to have it for the few animals i produce…id actually need to sell enough to play in the MorphMarket game…ill just return to my rock i crawled out from…lol


I also find it a little disconcerting that the new owner made an introductory post and then vanished from the forum side of things. I’ve been hoping to read some answers to the questions posted in this thread:


I also keep checking hoping that there will be a response there as well. I get that he’s probably super busy with everything, so it may take some time. Anything is better than no response though.


20 topics read in over 1 year with 19 days of activity. Oh…


This forum represents such a small sliver of MorphMarket users. Darien is very active and responsive on social media (FB/Insta). If he makes a post there there are sometimes hundreds of responses. Here there might be 5 to 10 range. My guess is he is putting his time in where there is more activity and feedback.


Social media is not this website.
I am selling an animal here on the marketplace side.
I want more communication on the site I am actively selling on. If I wanted to be on facebook I would be posting them there and making sales through PMs. =/


I get that, and it’s great for the folks who use social media. But when they’re making changes to the site that directly affect accounts, I’d like to see it posted as a more formal update, either here or the homepage of the MorphMarket site.

I just don’t want the community side here to just be forgotten about, and thrown to the side due to a lower popularity than FB and IG.


Not even just the community side.
I only have 1 animal listed currently. I don’t check the sales side that often, so I don’t see the 1 little pin right away. And when these pins don’t direct you to a notification about the update and just disappear, that’s a problem.

I’m being told to adhere to a TOS that is changing without prior notifications of these changes or proper updating. Where’s my email update about TOS changing?
I get updates from any other site including social media about TOS changes in advance.


They might as well make listings a paid only feature at this point. Very unhappy at the sudden 1 ad only for mature categories for free members with no prior notification. With the yearly pricing ($132) on a basic membership that takes a pretty large chunk of money away from me as a super small seller who lists only a couple animals a year. Especially since I can’t premake the ads as last time I tried that it still counts towards the dollar limit even if that ad isn’t active. Really annoying all around.


That is frustrating. I’ve posted ads off and on for awhile but have had no success selling through the site while having great success elsewhere. I’ve been planning to get a paid account after this years litters drop, but don’t know if I will now.


This has been noted and will be worked to improve upon.
There are a lot of people learning a lot of new things every day right now, including how things have been done in the past… such as announcements.

Communication has been one of the main contributors to why MorphMarket is where it is today. We dropped the ball on this, but we as a new, much larger, team are still learning… but News posts will resume from here on.

The new change is that Free members now only have 1 active listing with a value of up to $500.

I assure you this is not the case… if it was the case the free membership would have been removed entirely. It’s difficult to express how much the upper tier members carry the free members.

This may change again in the future, but this is a complex but necessary change to keep both the platform and market sailing.


Thanks Thomas, I know you guys are always good at taking feedback and working with it, so I have no doubts there.

I see that, but I guess my question is what was the reason to go from 5 listings at $750 (I believe it was 5, anyway), to 1 listing at $500? Seems like a big decrease.

I understand that, seeing as how I’m sure there are very few users that are on the free/basic tier selling, even comparing the “basic” membership to the upper tiers.

And I suppose saying it’s a money grab is a bit of an overstatement, it just seems like a big change away from the previous 5/$750, and the only way to have more ads is to buy a membership.

Ultimately, I trust the team to do what’s best for everyone, I just like to know when changes are made, and have a way to read about them and understand. That was my main point of the post, and it got a little off topic in the discussion. Thank you!


Darien just posted this up for those of you interested in trying a basic account for a month:


Again. Not the point.

I need to be kept informed of upcoming changes to the platform I am using, BY THE PLATFORM.
I don’t care if the new owner is making a cute little display of interest elsewhere.

I’m not selling animals on Darien’s page on facebook. I am selling them here.


I understand that a change in upper management can be a huge shakeup.

I just am becoming decreasingly frustrated with everything apparently being posted elsewhere then added here as an afterthought when this is the platform am using.

I only recently started following the MorphMarket facebook page: Because of a giveaway…posted here.
I log onto MorphMarket forums regularly. I sometimes forget facebook exists. I don’t want all of the community here to suddenly switch to facebook because the new owner prefers social media to their own new company site.

I am disappointed that these changes were not told to us ahead of time, on top of not even finding out about them here first!

As a free member, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Honestly I’ve sold more to local market wholesale or craigslisted than through this site…This year was going to be my deciding year on a basic account for next season since I would be looking at multiple clutches instead of one, in the end I don’t know what I’ll do yet since I can now only post one animal at a time.
It feels like less of an incentive to try moving up to membership and more of an incentive to find alternatives I guess? Again, especially with changes being made to the TOS without my awareness…