MorphMarket Shirt Sizes

We are thinking about doing some MM merch, including quality t-shirts. If you would buy one, please indicate the size(s) you’d buy.

It’s anonymous and this isn’t to order one specifically for you, but to help us anticipate the sizes of our fanbase for inventory. Thanks!

(NOTE: I forgot mens XL – if you want that find my post down below and like it)

  • Womens XS
  • Womens S
  • Womens M
  • Womens L
  • Womens XL
  • Womens 2XL
  • Mens XS
  • Mens S
  • Mens M
  • Mens L
  • Mens 2X
  • Mens 3X
  • Mens 4X
  • Youth S
  • Youth M
  • Youth L

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Size reference:


Just a suggestion, a calender with the previous years ROTM or BPOTM winners.
I don’t know how many people use physical calendars any more though :man_shrugging:.


Great idea – I think doing this on a poster would be the way to go.


If you do not have a calendar in your snake room to log activities your animals are displaying then what kind of herper are you?!?! :scream:


Where is men’s XL?

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Shoot I can’t add Mens XL – if you want that and ONLY if you want that, click LIKE on THIS post.


giving a way one for the winner of the ROTM wold be great

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Definitely need the XL. A large would show off too much of my pandemic chub :rofl:

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I think this is an awesome idea!

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So just how big is the reptile community?

After selling hundreds of shirts at we can tell you. It’s nice intel if you are planning to print your own shirts.

Don’t forget to order your own :wink:

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 3.24.45 PM


This is brilliant John.