MorphMarket Software Version Upgrades

Hi everyone!

We rolled out a major software upgrade to the MorphMarket site Wednesday morning. Things went fairly smoothly considering the magnitude.

There is a lingering bug related to the single-sign which affects a small number of users trying to login to the community site. It’s possible that if you logout you won’t be able to log back in (to the forums). We are working on fixing that and hope to have it fixed within a day or so.

We have some additional upgrades coming soon.


UPDATE: the forum login issue should be fixed.


Should we use this thread to report any new bugs we find?

And does this come with any changes on the users end?

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That would be fine we can break them off into other threads, and I don’t expect many.

Regarding the change - no nothing user facing. As explained in that link above, we upgraded from Python 2 to Python 3, which is a big undertaking but was also overdue. We’re next working toward updating the core library we use that sits on top of Python called Django. After that a few more technical improvements – trying to catch up on “tech debt” – then we will have more bandwidth for some user facing work. :wink:


well i love everything you have done for this site as well as the market place! no complaints from me!


Should be fixed now.

Doing another upgrade right now, this time to Django 2.0. Less risky but less tested. :crossed_fingers:

I don’t know if it would be something you’d be interested in or even if it would be of any use to you but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Harvard University have made 88 online courses free, with quite a few of them revolving around Python.

To follow you off topic, briefly, I do like MOOCs a lot. In fact I created a utility for downloading Coursera classes back in 2012 which became quite popular.


@eaglereptiles Wrong Python -_-

I got excited for a nanosecond

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To bring it back on topic, I have just been automatically logged out and logged back in without issue.

@eaglereptiles funny you say that. I have just revised this issue to NOT fixed, yet. I don’t think what you’re doing is sufficient to test it. If you log out of morphmarket market site, then try from community site… well I don’t recommend doing that because you won’t get back in.

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Okay NOW it’s reproduced, fixed and tested.


So I have just opened the market site and was logged out automatically. Now I am getting this message while attempting to log in…

When I attempt to log in using my email and password it tells me one of them is incorrect.

This isn’t a issue for me personally as I dont have much to lose review/rating wise, however if this happens to a big store I can see it being a bit more of a issue.

This isn’t a issue for me personally as I dont have much to lose review/rating wise, however if this happens to a big store I can see it being a bit more of a issue.

Of course we are not going to not fix a bug which would allow our users to login again.

However, I can’t reproduce the problem and haven’t gotten any other error reports. So it might have been an intermittent thing, unrelated to our upgrades.

I have just attempted again and had the same issue.

I reset my password though email and im back in :blush:.

I think my problem was something to do with my Google account. For some reason it wouldnt let me log in using the “sign in with your Google account” option.

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