MorphPay - Feedback Welcome

MorphPay will be MorphMarkets premium payment service. While using MorphMarket will remain unchanged, MorphPay will offer a valuable optional service for sellers who wish to enhance their buyers’ confidence and mitigate the risk of scams.

With MorphPay, MorphMarket will charge a fee of 0.5% on the total value of your annual sales to cover the operational costs. To put it into perspective, if you sell $100,000 worth of animals in a year, you will only pay $500 in fees for an entire year of using the service, in addition to the standard Square fees you are already accustomed to.

By opting in to use MorphPay, you will gain several key benefits. First and foremost, your buyers will perceive their transactions as safer, as MorphPay provides an additional layer of trust and security.

Moreover, using MorphPay enables MorphMarket to more proactively identify and address scammers within the platform.

It’s important to note that while MorphPay is an optional service with added costs, you can still use MorphMarket as you currently do without any changes. You won’t experience any differences or limitations in functionality.

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Since I’m not sure what’s on Darien’s post as I don’t use Facebook, a couple questions.

Is there any type of hold that the funds go through before the seller has access to them? Like is it placed in a temporary account and then given to the seller, or does it go directly to the sellers bank account? I assume it functions similar to PayPal where you have a PayPal account balance that you can then transfer to a bank account.

Very happy and excited to see a built in payment method on morphmarket.

Are there protections in place for if someone does a charge back or something similar through say a credit card company? Does it have to be a bank account or can it be purchased using credit through morphpay?


“Perceive”? What do you mean “perceive”?
That doesn’t instill much confidence.


Will the process for purchasing an animal still be the same (inquiring, back and forth with seller, arranging shipment, etc). I mainly ask because I think this process is important when purchasing a living animal, and would hate to see it turn into a one click/buy now type of thing. While certainly that would streamline things for sellers, I think removing the interaction between seller/buyer out does a disservice to the hobby and the animal


I’m guessing it’s because buyers think payments processed through the same site as the inquiry make it safer versus having to pay via a third party app. They perceive the transaction differently though the risk didn’t really change in regards to payment processing.


Can MorphMarket control the transaction? Like, if a buyer is trying to dispute the purchase after they received the snake or if there’s a problem not covered by the seller’s policy (if it dies at the fault of the buyer), can MorphMarket prevent that or is it the same as previously?


Yeah, this is a big part of what I’m asking as well. What sort of buyer protections are in place, especially if it’s for morphmarket specifically


The whole process will be through Square, just smoother and on site. MorphMarket doesn’t hold anything.

No more so than Square and MorphMarket already offer, but it will give MM more abilities to catch those people and be sure they dont get back in.

I will need to double-check with the guys, however, from my understanding, Square accepts various forms of incoming payments from buyers, albeit with different rates. I will get back to you with a more specific answer.

Just as it was worded :sweat_smile: While with some, you are 95%, there is no absolute guarantee with any payment method that you are 100% safe. After realising that, the next best thing is to just “feel” safer. To a new buyer MM is an odd set up. The process is very different to other marketplaces online. You speak directly with the seller, you can haggle on the price or get upsold, and then you and the seller decide what payment method to use, and the platform itself is not involved in any of this… it can feel very dodgy.

Having a payment method connected to the platform, with on site inputs, where each payment is recorded on MMs end, gives a stronger feel of security.

Also, the overwhelming majority of sellers on MorphMarket are trustworthy and safe to purchase from. While there may not be significant changes to the overall safety of the service, the integration with Square adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Ish, and I agree with your reasoning…

So nothing will change or be removed. Sales can continue as usual, BUT buyers will be able to instantly send an offer upon inquiry. Sellers will still need to accept the offer and discuss shipping arrangements if necessary, but if a sale was between say myself and @erie-herps, and Riley sends me an offer, I could just accept it straight away and deal done.

This already happens, as a lot of the hobby know each other very well. Some inquiries literally start “I have sent money to you through XX for this animal. When can you ship?” Or “I can be with you in 20mins to pick this animal up. Mark it as sold”.

Jess is on the ball as always! Exactly this.

MorphMarket will not control anything, but will have a greater “contact” with Square to provide any evidence or findings. Beyond that it will fall on the usual dispute processes.

Again, this is optional.


I already use Square for my reptile biz, would this allow me to integrate my existing Square account at all, or at least somehow be connected to it?

Edit: Reading through the comments on Darien’s post, we’ll be able to use existing Square accounts.


Update: 100% of MorphPay processing fees will go directly to USARK and conservation. :wink: