Morphpedia. Crested gecko trait sorting 🦎

You’re going to either love or hate me now @eaglereptiles :face_holding_back_tears:
But I’ve been through all traits to sort any issues with them that are up!
And if I’ve missed anything people, fell free to add!! But I will only list what needs sorting or that need more pictures added.
Any trait I don’t list, I see no issue with :black_heart:
And these are in ABC order to try make easier for you :smiling_face_with_tear:

Here we gooooo:

  • Bicolour: Last pic isn’t a bicolour, and on the combos, last pic again is not a bicolour.
    Also not lower availability, it’s quite common.

  • Buckskin: Pics 1, 2 3 aren’t buckskin.
    And on Combo pic 6 isn’t a buckskin.
    Not rare availability, I’d say average.

-Chevron: Not rare availability, more common.

  • Cluster Spots: Not lower availability, more average.

  • Cold Fusion: Pic 4 isn’t CF, last pic also isn’t one (it’s also on the combo)

  • Creamsicle: Combo last pic is mislabelled, isn’t a flame creamsicle. It’s a Harlequin pin dash with tiger.

  • Crowned: Last pic not a crowned, and on combos none are crowned.

  • Dark: Combo pic 1 isn’t a flame so mislabelled.
    Also some more pics for you too use (can also be used for the phantoms and combo as phantom tigers etc)

    Dark Phantom Tiger by Ghoulish Cresties

    Dark phantom by Ghoulish Cresties

    Dark phantom by Ghoulish Cresties

-Empty Back: Pic 2 and 3 aren’t EB. Combo pic 2 also not EB.
Empty Back by AC reptiles
Empty back by AE exotics.
Empty back by Timeless exotics.

-Tiger: Pic 2 is a brindle, can change over to that. Pic 4,6 not tiger.

Tiger by Ghoulish Cresties.

-whitewall: last pic not whitewall.

-yellow base: pic 7 not a yellow. Combo pics 3,5 not yellow. Average availability.


Hate you?..?

This is exactly what I beg people for!!

Thank you… I will review it now.


Just to note, this is from MorphMarket market data and not input manually.


Not gonna lie, I skimmed the wording and stared at the pics :grin:


That must have taken a massive amount of effort, I applaud you! (Is there an applauding emoji?:clap:?:raised_hands:?🫸🫷? :pray:?)

Hmm, I’ll stick with a fist bump! :fist_right::fist_left:


Translation… Hats off to you :grin:

I started going through this the other day. But I won’t carry on now :rofl:


Took a while but I was adamant today it was being sorted… To be sorted!

As it’s hard to put people over to Morphpedia when quite a bit isn’t right yet!

Cannot wait to be able to be like, ITS FINISHED! :heart_eyes:

This was the method to my madness:

Then I had a list at the end of what needed more pics :joy:

I work best when I write things down :smiling_face_with_tear:


The majority has been done, the articles should update overnight :blush:
Just a few I have tagged you in for extra deets.


Noticed furry still wrong…
all pics are abberant…


Need to edit to ‘no patterning on legs or lateral’
Many are selling Harley’s as flames because it says ‘little’. So it’s confusing people.


Still needs doing.

And others still also need correcting x


Halloween needs correcting. People letting me know not done and others :joy:
They’re on it haha x

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