Morphpedia for House Snakes [Pending]

Hi. Now that we have a category for house snakes, can we start working on the traits and species available in house snakes? I specifically work with capes (Boaedon capensis) which have T- albino, T+ albino, hypo, blue eye, as well as Kenyan red, KZN red, and granite localities/line bred traits (to my knowledge, but I’m still relatively new to house snakes in comparison to a lot of the more well-known breeders.


I’m not a breeder and I don’t know if my reply even pertains to this, but if it does there should be a category for just the Plain Brown House Snake. I have had 2 browns, one of which I still have and a cape, but both of the browns ate :100: % better than the cape I had! Lol!

Just sayin! :joy::rofl: