Mosaic & Vanishing Stripe cal kings

Story time.
Back in 2009 I was a few years out of high school, working at pizza hut, not really sure what to do with my life. Then I started investing in snakes to breed, and gave myself a lifetimes worth of goals I needed to achieve.

Anyway, one of the first projects I invested in was a trio of striped California Kingsnakes from Aubrey Ross/Slipstream Serpents. Their parents were a Mosaic and a Banana/High White het albino. The trio did good, but I ended up losing a female, and then fed the other pair so much that they became a little obese. I also kept the pair together for years with no problems… only cal kings I have ever even tried that with lol.

I kept back a Mosaic female hatched in 2014 and a 75% Vanishing Stripe from 2015, for the albino mosaic project, but unfortunately neither animal turned out to be het albino (go figure). So every year they get to breed with each other, and make 3rd generation Slipstream Serpents mosaic/vanishing stripe stuff. Last year they made some crazy perfect Mosaics, this year the Mosaics were less impressive, but still cool nonetheless! And the vanishing stripes they made this year were barely vanished! Oh well.
And one of the babies seems to be both Mosaic AND Vanishing Stripe.

What do you like more, Mosaic or Vanishing Stripe?
And these are all listed on MorphMarket .

PS - my original 2009 male is still going, but he can no longer breed as of last year, and his time is running out.


They are beautiful :heart: