Most Exciting Pairings of 2022?

What pairings are you looking forward to this year? If you’re not a reptile breeder, what species are you most excited to hopefully welcome home this year?

Our favorite time of year is bringing all of our snakes out of brumation because we miss them so much. We are looking forward to pairing our axanthic blonde Trans-Pecos ratsnakes, Mexican Black Kingsnakes, Leucistic Colombian Rainbow Boas, and many more, including babies from our gravid Eastern Indigo and hopefully some Dragon Snakes in the fall. :snake:

Pictured is Wraith, an axanthic blonde Trans-Pecos rat snake that we anticipate some babies from this season. Lots to look forward to!



Oh my gosh these are gorgeous!!!

I have two pairings this year both are working towards adding more genes into the disco inferno combination. I’m excited even though I can’t get any actual disco infernos this year.


That is awesome! Are you taking a try at Dragon Snake breeding this season? Am super anxious for any updates and results that come out of that project :slight_smile:


Absolute stunner!


Truly spectacular animal!


I only have 4 “basic morph” corn snake pairings, but I’m most excited for proving out my Ultramel tessera that is 50% het for anery or diffused. My only decision is if I want to prove her out for anery or diffused this year (since I don’t have a male with both genes). I’m leaning towards proving her out anery this year though, I could technically prove her out for both genes by trying for a double-clutch, but it being her first year breeding I feel it’s better if I don’t.


Wraith is truly gorgeous! Your excellent photography is also gorgeous, as always. I am only a bit familiar with Trans-Pecos Rat Snake morphs. From human terminology, I wouldn’t have thought “Blonde.” Happy to learn by looking at this beauty!

What am I most looking forward to? I’m super excited about babies from Artephius, my Upper Keys Diffused Caramel corn snake (pictured) after a break of several years. I’m also looking forward to more beautiful stripes, including potentially some Caramel Ghost Stripes, maybe some cubes, and perhaps some Citrines and Citrine Stripes.


Yes absolutely! I will be expanding my group this year as well. They breed during the monsoon season (November - February) so it will be later in the year when I pair them, but definitely plan to work towards CB this year nonetheless!


I really hope you have success with your dragons. They are such unusual and fascinating creatures.


I too am 110% hoping for success! I have a feeling we are just missing one crucial thing that will change CB dragon-snakes’ breeding and husbandry forever, but we just haven’t found it yet. :slight_smile:

If/when they become more widespread in the hobby I may get one. Will definitely take many years, but I too hope to attempt breeding when more is known about them.