Motley baby boas pics

Here are some new pictures I just took of my motley jungle het Kahl albino. They are BCC X BCI boas. Mom was a Northern Brazilian and dad was a sunglow motley jungle.

First is the one female I am keeping.

Here is the male.

This female has a nice ladder tail.

Here is the last female.


Can we see the parents

I love the ladder tail on the third one.

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I love the one you are keeping! Such a dark head.

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Here are the parents.



I love mom! And dad’s bright orange stripe is gorgeous!


How bad is the wobble on scoria is overhyped like the spider wobble most of the time

I have not owned any scorias but as my collection grows and I start to reinvest into my collection I may just buy a male/female for a pet.

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I love scoria there ether my favorite or second favorite boa morph with super fires

Not to get off topic but their $ is a little bit too high for just a pet as of now after Willow and all.


Ya would love to Produce one how much more difficult are they to breed vs other stuff like ball pythons

Here is a link to a discussion

Post there, so that we stay on topic of this thread.

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Thanks so much

Here are some pictures from 2 years ago just to get this back on topic. These are just BCI motley not the cross I made this year. So my plan is to make albino and sunglows with even more red in them without using the Leopard genetics.


I love how red sunglows look when they’re babies

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There so red

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Trust me as he puts more BCC blood into his lines they will be more red!

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These sunglows also have jungle in them so that helps with making them redder to.

Wish I would have keeped a few of the super sunglows back for myself.

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