Motley Boa? Identification and breeding question

I’m getting this guy soon. Was just identified at a reptile store as a Motley Boa. Would you guys agree? Also, how does someone go about getting them tested to know exactly what they are for breeding, etc?


You buy from a reputable breeder. I bought my first boa from a pet store, and if he didn’t end up having a kink, I still would have never bred him. This is because I don’t have any idea of what he came from. It takes quality to produce quality.

And yes I would say that this one is a motley.


There are currently no genetic tests to determine morphs. They have to be identified by proving them out with breeding. However, Motley is a very obvious morph and I am 100% sure your snake is one.

PS: Super Motley is lethal, so I’d recommend breeding your snake to a snake that is not a Motley.


The most interesting part is that the person giving it to me said it was a ball Python/boa mix :crazy_face::hugs:

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100% not a hybrid

A lot of people don’t understand the differences from varying species. A snake is a snake is a snake to many so it shouldn’t be any different breeding a Boa to a Ball than someone breeding a Boxer dog to a Poodle.

Definitely a Motley! Pretty one.

No hypo or jungle or other obvious additions. I’d assume it’s het for nothing too, theres no way to tell.

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Lol It is not possible to cross breed a python and boa haha Gives you immediate confirmation the one selling the snake has no clue what he/she is talking about. Still funny tho :rofl:

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And indeed motley

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So if you mix in a rock python do you get a Rocky Ball-Boa???


That is great!!! I love this! :crazy_face: