Moving Abroad

Hello everyone

I have an 18 month old ball python named Myrtle! :slight_smile:

We are potentially moving to Sweden and we also have dogs so we are opting the ferry and scenic route in car due to one dog not suitable for flying.

however I really do not want to part with my snake.

can anyone advise me what options do I have?

no reptile/small animal transports are giving me quotes due to Covid.

ive also seen I can travel with my snake in car but how difficult is this for customs and border checks as ill be going from Harwich (uk) to Holland to Germany and then ferry to Sweden so two ferries in total and will be about 4 days car transport in total. however I know that you can get 12v car plug converter for heat mat.

please no negative comments, I really do want her to come with me.




My best suggestion would be to see if you have a local shop or friend keeper that could board it for you while you travel and have it shipped to you once settled in. Much less stress on the Myrtle & you.


You will need to get cites paperwork, (export on the UK end and import on the swedish end) before you can transport the snake. This will take at least 3 months if not longer. I would contact defra on the UK end and the relevant authority on the swedish end on what you will need to do to get the relevant permits.