Moving On from Breeding Snakes

I know this is very sudden and unexpected news, but it is time that I announce that I am moving forward from my career as a snake breeder.

Several years ago, my ultimate dream was to forge a career breeding snakes. I feel so fortunate that this dream came to fruition so quickly, and that I got to experience a career that I loved with every fiber of my being.

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with so many amazing snake species, and I have learned so much from my animals over the years. I am beyond grateful for how much they have taught me, and now I would like to expand upon the knowledge they passed onto me by sharing it with the world.

I recently reached a crossroads where I had to reflect upon what my lifelong aspirations were, and I realized that my goals have evolved into so much more than I ever thought possible. I am ready to cultivate the ideas and inventions that have filled my notebooks over the years. I am ready to travel around the world to both educate and exchange knowledge to better our community. I am ready to share the blessings my animals have given me with others so that they may be inspired to achieve their own aspirations in life. I am ready to move forward and evolve.

While we are changing our direction as a business, please don’t mistake this change for a resignation from the community – it is quite the opposite, actually. We made this decision so that we can establish a stronger positive influence in the community, and in order to do that, we must free up the time and energy that is currently being used to care for and breed our snakes.

In regards to the dragon snakes, I need more time to consider whether I would like to continue working with them or not. I will post a definitive answer when I have had enough time to think about it.

With all of that said, the majority of our animals will be made available and posted over the course of the next month to our website and MorphMarket , so be on the lookout, especially if you are interested in acquiring some adult breeders. We want to ensure they go to great homes, so we may have some questions to ask before we send them off.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through everything over the years. We love you all so much and we look forward to opening this new chapter in our lives.

Scarlett and Abel Nightshade
Creatures of Nightshade


You have brought a lot to the community and are a huge inspiration. The information you’re learned and shared about rare species (like indigos, dragon snakes, and others) have helped the community progress in terms of care and husbandry. I’m glad that you will be able to share more information with others about reptiles, even though you won’t be a breeder.


As someone who spent most of my career in education, I’m delighted that you’ll be expanding your horizons to benefit animals and the community writ even larger. If course you’ll be missed as a breeder, but those of us who are devoted to the practice know how time consuming it can be. I love it but I would be fibbing if I said it didn’t tie me down pretty tightly during certain times. I wish you all the best as you move into the next stages of your journey.


The first time I saw images of the dragon snake was back in 2012. They were simply artist rendering of the animals from wild collected specimens that had been collected and probably represented someof the first images of the species. I had hopes of maybe aquiring a few to work with but as time progressed we ran into more and more famile health issues that prevented me from pursuing that dream. After 10 years of health setbacks (wife having gone through a heart vale repair and a heart transplant and myself having a heart valve repair in 2019, and my son recently cotracting West Nile Virus at a scout camp in Wisconsin) we are all relatively healthy again and I am fimally starting to reestablish my breeding groups and looking ahead to full throttle reptile breeding again. Dragon Snakes and Boelens Pythons are my 2 pinicle species that God Willing, I hope to get a chance to work with in the next few years. Good luck as you transition into this new extended relm of what you love to do. I hope we are all as fortunate as you to be able to make the kinds of life altering decisions you have made and further our abilities to help each other and the reptile community.