MRC Enhancement: Adding Descriptive Text to Image Uploads

TLDR; caption your images :pray:

As some may know, a few of our members rely on screen readers to navigate and enjoy our community. Let’s make an effort to make our forum more inclusive and welcoming to these people.

This isnt a requirement, just a request, but if you’re uploading images, consider adding a brief descriptive text to accompany them. This simple act can greatly assist those who rely on SRs, allowing them to fully engage with our content. It takes 5 seconds per image to make a massive difference to someones day.

These dont need to be linguistic works of art, just as much as you are willing to contribute. Simply “Ball python curled around a branch.” Is a million times better than “image

“A blue-tongued skink with unique markings.”

“crested gecko on a leaf.”

“Dramatic moment: Two chameleons suspended in mid-air as they engage in a territorial disagreement. The death star is visible in the distance”

Anything is so much better than nothing and will help create a richer experience for all members.

Screenshot showing how to edit captions in "preview" view

If you want to really get stuck in and help, you could go back to your previous image posts and add descriptions to those as well.

@trust_level_3 and higher users, there’s an additional opportunity to contribute, whenever possible, you can add captions to images posted by others :pray: