Multi Reptile Keepers

Hi ya’ll! Happy Friday!

I have a question for those who own/keep multiple species of snakes and lizards?

How do you keep your critters?

Do you have them separated by rack? Do you keep them in separate rooms? Do you share racks with those reptiles with similiar temp/husbandry requirements? What about those who also raise rodents?

I’m interested to know what people do when they have space issues!


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@thebeardedherper would be able to help you out here. He keeps a lot of different species.

Also, @osbornereptiles might be able to give you a idea of how a big breeder does it on a larger scale successfully.

They are kept based on their requirements so

Pythons, sand boas and carpets in my case are in the same room whereas geckos and hognose are in another cooler room.

As far as enclosures each species has their own rack

Same for rodent they are kept in the rodent room (mice and rat racks are different)

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Depends on how you’re keeping your animals and what species you’re keeping. If you keep a number of snake species like I do that all share similar temperature requirements keeping them in the same rack system is perfectly viable as you can change humidity, hides, and substrates from tub to tub. If you have a a dedicated herp room you may have certain species that need to be separated if they need significantly lower temps than the majority of what you have. Things like crested geckos and black milk snakes probably shouldn’t be kept in a room full of uromastyx and Ackies. If you keep your animals in more traditional types of vivariums then you can typically control each individual animals needs without worrying about the enclosure next to it if you only have a few animals.


All mine are in the same room (admittedly I only have 5 geckos) My hainan cave gecko and giant day gecko’s vivariums are next to each other to share the fogger. My 2 leo terrariums and western banded gecko are just randomly placed. My only struggle is having to buy higher wattage heating elements because my room is cold (the cave gecko appreciates this as much as I do tho)

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Thanks for the input! I appreciate the insight and opinions.

I have a small collection of Ball Pythons (8) and Kenyan San Boas (4), both of which I keep in racks in the same room. They are separated by rack, but I was interested in upgrading the 2 larger sand boas to grow out tubs in the python rack.

I have read negative opinions on keeping boas and pythons in close proximity due to boas being potential asymptomatic carriers of IBD.


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