Music is a door to the soul

Hey all! Here with another “get to know eachother topic”!

Music is a great way to get to know one another, so drop some tunes you find great! Rock, Rap, classical, no judgement!

The only thing i think im required to add is keep it at least PG-13, we have some younger members, and some music can be a bit… over the top with explicits. Im sure alot of songs have a couple swears, but try to make sure its not 90% of the song xD.

Ill start, i heard the original for this song on the radio today and thought it would make a good pop punk song,
And the internet did not disappoint me :slight_smile:

Quick warning: please use best judgement when clicking links as always!


I won’t share any links but I’ll say Roy Orbison is my favorite singer, love Dwight Yoakum, oldies, country, rock, r&b, alternative…


Dangg thats old school rock and country :slight_smile: i havent heard “pretty woman” in a long time, id always assumed it was an elvis song haha. The more you know :slight_smile:


Love this lofi live stream. I plan to have a MacBook and immersion speaker set up for my reptile room so I can have this on at all times lol.


I would legit just sit in a chair and fall asleep with this and it would be great xD


I use to live in Wink Texas and every year they had a huge celebration called Roy Orbison Day. It was pretty fun.


Would be cool if more places celebrated people who came from their area as motivation for the next generation to aspire to :slight_smile:


Nice idea! I agree that music says a lot about a person.

My favorite right now (changes almost every day lol) might be “Don’t Lose Sight” by Lawrence. I am not sure if it has an explicit version, but the version I listen to isn’t explicit.

Other than that I LOVE “Stronger” by The Score or the band Fall Out Boy.

And I like the tune of “Mood” by 24kGoldn but not so much the lyrics. And it is pretty explicit but there is a clean version.

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I listen to a lot of different things, lately the Oh Hellos, the Wailin’ Jennys, and Sleeping at Last. chill music.


I used to listen to plenty of fallout boy when i was younger, i still listen to some, but usually its more for nostalgia haha. They are definitely a good band! Ill have to liste. To the others youve referenced

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I love the chillstep genre when i just need to relax, one of my favorite chill songs is walking on gravestones by I See Stars. Ill have to give these ones a listen!

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I have a new song that is a favorite of mine. I enjoy rap but not the explicit lyrics, so I listen to edited versions. It is called “Astronaut in the Ocean”. It has both an explicit version and a clean version on spotify👍

The songs I am liking right now! It is a playlist lol :joy:.

Heres another song for you guys :slight_smile:

Well I have alot
Azerbaijan national anthem
Soviet national anthem
Blood on the risers
Prussia’s glory
The Brits are coming
Boots poem
Boots on the ground by nerdout
Arrival by nerdout
My squad
All of nerdout ark songs
Ark survival main theme
All of Dan bulls Minecraft mob raps
Erika German song
Red army is the strongest
Sacred war
Bosnia and Herzegovina national anthem
German national anthem
We are leaving
Swallowing dust
Red alert 3 Soviet March
U got that

There are way more

Here are more
55 days at Peking
Sink the Bismarck
Never gonna give you up
Wo Alle staßen enden

Just casually throwing a rick roll in there haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a song from a really stupid but amazing movie called Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, and it goes surprisingly hard

Ayyy! I follow that same channel on YouTube. Their mixes are solid

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