My 11 little surprise boa babies


I kept the little female in the top picture


Nice looking babies you have there. I would have keeped her to. Plus I see a few more I like to. The top one with the reduced pattern and the one in the middle with the thick heavy pattern. What were the parents?


Thank you! I was told that the mom is super hypo and the dad is hypo…… They are Central American Jungle Boas. That I do know for sure! The one with the tail stretched out is the dad. They are pets but I did a stupid thing by housing them together……
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Hit post too soon. I will try again


I am a ONE TIME ONLY breeder! I know it was very irresponsible of me but I received some expert advice as to how to get them started and they all survived thankfully. I think she birthed around 20 or so but there was 1 that was deformed and died and then several slugs. I was shocked when I discovered the babies because I had no idea. And she had eaten a large FT rat the night before. I ended up selling 8 of them, gave 2 away to friends and kept the one little girl.

After mom ate and then shed, she returned to her normal puppy dog like self. I was so afraid she would not because she was a monster for awhile!

Mom and dad are now forever separated! Lol! The whole experience was an ordeal!


I bet the baby you keeped turns out to be a super hypo to.


Well Tom when she gets a little older I will send you another picture and you can tell me because I honestly don’t have the slightest idea how to tell! Lol! I just know that I love both her parents and her! They are the sweetest gentlest snakes!:slightly_smiling_face:


I just felt badly because I put my female through all that!

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Don’t feel bad she did great for you and she eat fine the whole time to. Most of my females still eat when gravid but some stop.

There is no way to tell for sure if they are super hypos. It’s just a look some hypos have that is just an educated guess. The only way to know for sure is to breed the super to a non hypo and if all the babies come out hypo then it’s a super.

I proved my super sunglow out by breeding him to a albino female. She had 25 babies and all of them were sunglows. If he was a normal hypo half of the babies would have been albino


Ok that sounds plausible. Either way thank you for your input and your time conversing with me! I really appreciate all of you breeders even more because breeding and raising babies is a lot of work! As well as fun too!

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Ok so is one more little tidbit. Her name is Kaluha (dad’s name is Red) but a few weeks before she surprised me with her litter/clutch I had started calling her “Mamma”. Lol! She took it to heart! Lol!

Ok that’s it!


Breeding boas is just a fun hobby for me. Don’t think i will ever make a lot of money doing it. As long as it’s pays for it’s self i am good. But they are all my pets first.


There’s nothing there that looks jungle in the litter. Maybe it’s just a bad photo. Jungle is a Colombian morph so they aren’t pure Central American either, they look typical Colombian heavy mixed locality hypo boas. All hypo Colombians will have some CA in them somewhere. You will have hypo and super hypo but no way of telling which are super unless they are bred and proven out.
Cracking little litter.

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I bought the parents as tiny babies from a breeder in Hammond Indiana and they were advertised as Central American Jungle Boas. I sent photos of parents and babies to Jeff Runne with Boaphile Cages and he said the female appeared to be super hypo and the male hypo. He coached me as to how to raise these babies.

The breeder also said the female could be het kal which means nothing to me. I am attaching a picture of the male and female and the female by herself.

It really doesn’t matter to me but I really don’t think the breeder would lie to me (I found him on Kingsnake Classifieds) and he and I became friends. And sure Jeff would have corrected me as well.


@boaz73 I meant Jeff RONNE, not Jeff Runne! Lol!

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@boaz73 And don’t Columbian boas fall into the red tail category? My 2 Central American jungle boas fit have plenty of stretch out room in the Boaphile 4 x 2 x 2 cages. Don’t the Columbian boas grow considerably longer? 6 to 10 feet?
My 2 boas and a lot smaller than that……

Now you have made me curious. I am no expert…. at all though….:


No forget about red tail. That Boa constrictor constrictor, not imperator.

Jungle is Colombian imperator.

All Jeff confirmed is one’s hypo and one’s super hypo. He hasn’t said one’s hypo jungle.

They are cross locality imperator.
Kahl albino is Colombian

As crosses they could get to any size.

Size is massively depended on how you feed.

I’ve 6 year old Colombian morphs that are only 5.5-6ft but could have been a lot bigger by now and I’ve raised pure Central Americans quicker than Colombians in the past.

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I admire your breeding expertise. You are very ardent about this issue you have raised concerning my boa babies and their parents and I appreciate your advice/opinion/input.

However, it doesn’t matter to me as to exactly what or not what they are because they are still the same pets I have had for years. If I was a breeder that would be a different story because then I would not want to sell any offspring without first verifying the breed/breeds.

So that being said, let’s just put an end to this subject and agree to disagree. I have faith in Bill from whom I bought them, but again, it makes no difference to me. No one has even brought this up before, even my reptile vet. But she is not a breeder either.

Again, thank you for your input/expertise! Have a blessed day! :slightly_smiling_face:



They are stunning! You have some of the nicest CA boas I’ve seen, love the reds!