My 2019 Holdbacks 😊

Here are some updated photos and weights of all my hold backs from the 2019 season, all are females :grin: was a pretty good season for sure!

0.1 Normal PH Orange Ghost - 275 Grams

0.1 DH Clown DG #1 - 317 Grams (in shed)

0.1 DH Clown DG #2 - 253 Grams

0.1 DH Clown DG #3 - 289 Grams

0.1 DH Clown DG #4 - 335 Grams

0.1 DH Clown DG #5 - 157 Grams

0.1 Butterfly PH Genetic Stripe - 257 Grams

0.1 HI OD Fire YB Mojave possible Arroyo - 295 Grams

0.1 HI OD YB Mojave possible Arroyo - 236 Grams (in shed)

0.1 HI OD Mojave possible Arroyo - 275 Grams

0.1 YB Arroyo - 261 Grams


Yeah your 2022-2023 year is gonna be AMAZING…I would of held onto all the DG CLOWN HETS FOR SURE myself…thats gotta be EXCITING having all those all the PERFECT TIME

Thanks, I can’t wait to try making some DG Clowns in the near future. Those are the only Double hets i have produced, the entire clutch was female too, so I’ll have to buy a double het male next year lol but no big deal :wink:
I’m also wanting to add axanthic to some of my DG projects in the future too.

You could always make it next season and the male can be a year younger anywho… I’m workimg on a similar project with Enchi and Spotnose and fire in the mix…I know the past 5 years have been super progressive but I think the next five are gonna be mindblowing