My 2023 cluches that have shed

I thought I would post up my clutches that have shed so far this year and see what you guys think.

Clutch #1 is from 1.0 Fire Banana (female maker) Clown X 0.1 Russo Pied. The goal was to make female Banana double hets. I did alright with odds.

Clutch #2 is from 1.0 Fire Banana (female maker) Clown X 0.1 G-Stripe pos het Lavender and VPI Axanthic. The Dam is going to be tested for Lav and VPI when the test is ready. The goal here was female Banana double hets, but pos. triple or quad het! I seem to have crushed the odds on this one.

Clutch #3 is from 1.0 Enchi Black head het. Pied X 0.1 Pied. The goal was Black head Pieds.

Clutch #4 is from 1.0 Enchi Black head het. Pied X 0.1 Mojave Pied. Again, the main goal was Black head Pieds. This one was a wild one!

Clutch #5 is from 1.0 Mahogany Pied X 0.1 Pastel Banana het. Pied. The goal was Mahogany Banana Pieds.

Thanks for taking a look! Over all I’m pretty happy with my results so far. Clutch #6 is the most crazy clutch I’ve ever produced! I can’t wait until they shed so I can post them.


Nice babies all around @mcgoveran! My favs are 2 & 5 in the 4th clutch and 3 and 4 in the 5th clutch!

But all are great! :+1::blush::heart: Congrats!


Thanks! Yeah babies 2,4, and 5 in clutch #4 are Black head Mojave. 5 has Enchi as well, and 4 of course has Pied.


Clutch #6 has shed (except hatchling 3 that had a yolk issue) and I must say it was the surprise clutch of the year! The pairing (I thought) was 1.0 Enchi Blackhead Het. Pied X 0.1 Pied. As it turns out, both parents also carried some form of Axanthic! I have no idea which one, but plan to test VPI when it becomes available.

#1 is a Paradox with Axanthic saddles in the middle and at the tail end.
#2 looks to me to be Enchi Blackhead Axanthic Het. Pied.
#4 looks to be Blackhead Axanthic Pied.

Let me know what you all see and think!

Thanks, Mike


Holy heck, that paradox pied is incredible. Silver and gold.


Agreed, I’m in love with the paradox pied :heart_eyes:


Here are a few more of the paradox.


Clutch #7 has shed with the exception of number 3. The pairing was 1.0 Mahogany Pied X 0.1 GHI Het. Pied. I had 6 eggs, but one didn’t survive. I had fantastic odds with this one. Expected 1/2 to be Pied, but all 6 including the one that didn’t survive were Pied. Also, managed to get 2 GHI Mahogany Pied (hatchlings 3 & 4)! I love how #4 looks!


I am in love with pieds and these are some beauties! Ironically, mahogany is my 2nd favorite single gene morph. Congratulations on the great odds and gorgeous babies! I’m hoping to hatch a mahogany pied withinin the next week or so. Feel free to post as many photos as you want because who doesn’t love photos? lol


Good luck with your upcoming clutch! I wish you the best of odds.


Aww thank you!