My absolutely beautiful Ornate Uromastyx

Insane colors on this dude…


That is one nice rainbow chonk. If uros didn’t need such insane temps I would so get one. :heart_eyes:

Thanks…Yes they sure do love it hot hot hot LOL.

What a beauty! I know that @beast-blade-wolf_987 has been wanting one so I’m sure he will love this as well

Thank you…Next Uro I’ll be getting is a Thomasi…Them some cute little dudes.

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@nathan_e @ag2357 Yep. Ive never had a herp before but decided to go Uro geyri (even though I HATE heat and hi temps). Uros are prob among my favorite lizards of all time!! Thats a beautiful Uro you got there. So cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: whats this beauts name? I wish I could get one finally. Maybe once I become an established Twitch streamer with 2 friends of mine (which should happen fairly soon) Ill have the mojo to finally get one.

Thanks Beast…His name is Cookie Monster. I got him recently so been letting him acclimate its self before handling him. I love that Uro’s are super inquisitive and I can see them thinking when the look at you LoL. I’ve had quite a few but sold most of them years ago and now getting back in to them.


Uros have been one of my favorite kinds of lizard since I learned of their existence back in 2013ish. I find I tend to like agamids quite a bit and I cant wait to get an uro or two of my own although I think Ill just start with U. geyri most likely and maybe an Ornata later on.

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