My Asian forest scorpions

I received 2 baby forest scorpions as a gift i built a simple enclosure for them to grow into before i tranfer them to my bioactive forest.

My babies

These 2 cuties are brood mates and they share the enclosure. It is thought that Asian forest scorpions cannot be kept communally, however if the right conditions are met they are fine. My babies are often found together sharing the same borrow even though they have several to choose from. Perhaps because they are siblings they choose to share.

This is my non-bio home i built.

Here are some pictures of my bioactive build i had fun building as a theme. I know the plants i have are not “forest” plants you might find in Asia and that i chose a fantasy forest them over an Asian theme. Since i share my pics on my IG i felt that if i went Asian that some might take offense and think that i was stereotyping Asians, so i went instead with a fun build of fantasy.

I will be sharing my build in the future as a guide. Eventually my babies will live in the new enclosure once my plants really get established and set some great root systems as forest scorpions love to dig they will dig up less established plants.


I think its pretty dang cool myself.


Thanks i really put a lot of effort into this build im sure my scorps will enjoy it there are several burrows they can select as well as areas that they can dig themselves if they want. Im pretty happy with how it turned out. I run my grow lights about 4 hrs a day the scorpions will instinctively stay in their burrows while the UV is running.

Id love to attempt a bioactive build for my desert scorps but i gotta do some tests to see how the plants will hold up i definitely will use drought tolerant plants or succulents i dont want the humidy to go up for them. Im going to have to play with substrate that will work with the plants yet not retain humidity in the enclosure.


That is so awesome. I love bioactive enclosures. Congratulations on the new scorpions.


Thanks :heart: they were totally unexpected gift from one of my suppliers. Luckily i always have lots of extra supplies on hand just incase. I was able to make a quick home right away. They were cold from shipping and didn’t want to leave my warm hand :joy: as soon as i got them to leave my hand they immediately disappeared into the enclosure.


That is adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I love when animals appear grateful.


The little scorplings are adorable, and that enclosure looks awesome!! I can’t wait to see how it looks once the plants grow in more, but it already looks amazing! I love the mushrooms and Deku tree/ent thing. :heart:


Thanks, i scour the internet constantly for cool stuff i can use. I’ve really enjoyed these fun builds and have come to the conclusion that even though i rarely see my animals, i might as well have something beautiful to look at, sure beats “empty” enclosures. I plan on more fun builds. Id like to do some ancient civilization builds. And i definitely want a Star Wars build.

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