My baby western black widow just molted

My baby is getting even bigger with her new molt, showing of some darker colors and larger size. I love all my babies so much and i enjoy watching them grow and thrive.


I hope my baby ends up looking this amazing :spider: :heart:


So pretty! <3

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Oh wow, that’s a gorgeous spider! I hope yours ends up looking like that too!

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I was examining my baby with my high power magnifyglass and though she still has white on her abdomen, i see a very distinct red line down her back :spider: :heart:. Im excited to see her adult body, i think she will be beautiful.

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My baby is looking closer to the picture i shared. I tried to snap a picture and my nosey cat got in the way and my black widow bolted super fast im lucky i caught her, looks le she may need a new enclosure soon i think she can take small crickets now. I gotta catch some pictures when kitty isn’t lurking. My baby is looking pretty good so far. I wish they lived longer 3 years and under is way too short.