My ball python slugged out!

Hello everyone I’ve been pairing a pastel het albino scaleless head male to an albino female and today she laid 7 slugs this same girl laid six slugs last year. Is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Well the issue is that there are different reasons why a BP will slug out

Too young

Too fat

Too hot

The male

Remember because they can breed, are at optimum age and or size for breeding it does not mean they will ever produce, it’s just the nature of breeding animals.

What I usually do when a female completely slugs out I give her a break the following season.

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She is 4 years old.I keep her hotspot around 90
And she was right around 1,800 grams

I’m not experienced popping snakes otherwise I would check the male for sperm plugs but he is 520 grams

Have you paired that male to other females? And was it the same male you paired to her last season?

I bought him as a proven breeder male and last year she was paired with a different male

I put him with one other girl but they only ever locked up once

Well all you can do is wait and see, I would definitely give her some rest this coming season and see what happens the following one.