My Children’s Group

Just wanted to show some pictures of my Children’s project. Besides ball pythons I have more children’s than anything! One of my favorites for sure! Feel free to share some pictures of your children’s as well!

My current group is 2.4


I currently keep 1.2 Stimson’s Pythons. Only the ladies wanted to cooperate tonight.

Studies published in 2020 on the members of the genus Antaresia concluded that Stimson’s and Children’s pythons are synonymous species with different polymorphism. As a result, the Stimson’s python is now considered a polymorphic variant of the Children’s python.


Wait that’s ridiculous! At least to me it is :rofl:

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Someone else on here brought this to my attention not long ago! I honestly think spotted pythons are the same as well! But I’m going to keep with just children’s personally have a little bit of a top secret project going with them lol!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your gals love them!

I just wonder what this information will do to the prices of stimpsons considering they are historically more expensive than childrens.


I love children’s pythons! You have some killer stuff :fire:

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Thank you! I really appreciate that! Plan on doing 2 pairings next year. Super excited!

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I always thought these little guys were so cool! How would you compare their husbandry with ball pythons or boas (bci I’m familiar with)?

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I keep mine in 28 qt tubs care is similar to ball pythons but I keep my children’s about 5 degrees cooler than balls. They will also breed without any cooling but they won’t lay year round like balls.

Interesting that they don’t brumate, but they are seasonal breeders. Is it barometric pressure? Do you ever have difficulty feeding or breeding?

My experience with the Australian snakes was limited to assisting occasionally with a friend’s collection 30 years ago. I remember them all (carpet, jungle, children’s, and woma) as being snappy and food aggressive. Not so big a deal with the small ones like the children’s (I was always afraid they’d choke on the mice!) But I have vivid memories of being absolutely lit up by his big carpet python. That thing hated all life, I swear.

No and no lol. They are ravenous feeders! And besides African house snakes the easiest snakes to breed in my experiences! They can be pretty aggressive due to feeding response but will usually loosen up a bit after they realize it’s not feeding time! Honestly I find them to be one of the easiest snakes out there! Absolutely love them!

Could very well be only person I talk to about them is a fellow Missouri breeder would be interesting to know if different parts of the country experienced different “seasons”

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I want to branch out, probably next year or the year after. Children’s, black head and Angolan are all on the list. Just taking things easy until my youngest daughter is more comfortable. Yeah, that sounds better than being afraid of my wife, right? :rofl:


I’m trying to get back to some species I have breed in the past and some new ones as well. I had been strictly keeping ball pythons for about 5 years but over the last couple years drifted back into other stuff lol. I have bred all 3 short tail pythons species they are actually what I started with about 20 years ago lol. Also have bred African house snakes, children’s, and of course ball pythons lol.

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I have kept myself or helped manage so many species I can’t count. My friend 30 years ago had a big private collection and an exotic pet store, so yeah free labor, but I loved it. Getting back in now with my daughter has brought it all back. Lizards, tortises, frogs, salamanders, snakes, turtles… At some point do we just have to admit we have a problem? And are there groups that will help us… get more? :rofl: :laughing:

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I have as well lol but these days I try to focus on the species I feel most comfortable keeping and breeding. And I operate solo so…………… have to be honest with myself as well. Lol

Time well spent though.

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Your’s are exceptional! Nice bloodlines. I remember patternless Children’s, if I’m not mistaken? I wonder who has any?


Thank you I really appreciate that!

I may or may not be working on something similar lol


Children’s are little spit-fires of attitude! Maybe I will have one sometime.