My Coco's gone 13 days so far

I had lost a subabult female around about November on year and ripped my house apart looking for her, by January I had given up. Come March I walk in from the backyard and my dog is acting weird at the edge of the couch…thinking he rolled his ball under it i took a peak…and there she was, I put her in QT, she hadn’t lost but 70g (she was little over 700 when i lost her) aside from that ,she was perfectly fine. Dont know how she survived the winter but she did. I changed her name to Victoria, like Victor Frankenstein…cause she came back from the dead.


My biggest fear is if she makes it to the crawl space in our attic we live on a ranch home on 3 acres we get field mice and I put poison pellets up there so they don’t overrun the house but if she makes it up there and eats any …

If you have any pets that could potentially ingest mice (cat, dog), it’s very very dangerous to use poison in your house for them as well. I don’t even know how many animals I’ve seen die from that. I suggest traps. That way you won’t be stuck with decaying mice corpses in your house- you’ll be able to dispose of them promptly.

Aside from the flour, use some manner of trap. Whether a warmed hide, or live prey, or a snake trap you build and keep aligned with the wall (again- see youtube)- use something. Of the many, many lost snake posts I’ve read over the years, out of the portion that did specify a snake was recovered, those that didn’t discover their snake several weeks/months later have always, that I have seen, used some manner of trap. That is especially the case if you have mice- they will walk over the flour and disturb it as well, which could misguide you.

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Honestly have no idea how to use it or if it works…but it is a thing

Over the years of living here we found a certain month to put the pellets up then we don’t get mice at all I think it’s their breeding season so there shouldn’t be any … we don’t see any we don’t hear any we never find any carcasses they come up to breed I think they go out and die that’s what it’s supposed to be the theory of all the farmers around here but yeah I’ve never seen any in the house or droppings since we started doing this years ago I’m just thinking ahead incase she found one… and last time I did it was before I even got her I just got her in April and the flour thing got nothing, no disturbance anywhere… but I found out today you can’t vacuum up flour LOL
Trying the heating pad trap tonight. Got a friend coming this week w a scope camera for places I can’t get to… completely cleaned out the basement of my aftermath of looking there… We thoroughly went thru everything n bagging it up n immediately putting out of the house so she can’t re hide in any of it. staying hopeful.