My Coco's gone 13 days so far

My Coco’s been missing for 13 days I’m not giving up but I have been browsing I really like the spiders but people are kind of steering me away. is there a specific spider morph to stay away from to avoid the wobble and the neurological issues?

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Here is a list that will help… Morph Issues

Thanks so much

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I just think even before considering getting a new snake you should still try to look for the one that was lost. Unless you know for sure that the snake may have passed or wont be found then that is different. It is getting colder this time of year so I would focus all my attention on reptiles to looking for her.


Definitely not going to stop looking for she’s here somewhere she’ll pop up sooner or later I do want to get one or two more at some point. thank you for your concern.

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Don’t treat them like goldfish come on now!


Hun, I’d be actively looking for her and doing everything you can to track her down. Like @thecrawdfather said, don’t treat them like goldfish!

I’ve turned my living space upside down and inside out looking for missing snakes (luckily I’ve always found them) and would not hesitate to do it again if the situation ever presented itself again.

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Guys, I get your points but rather than shooting the user down, offer up some tips to help find the snake :snake:.



Oh no, I have nothing against her getting another snake. That’s her decision.

I think the OP could have made the topic without mentioning the missing snake, and it likely wouldn’t have been brought up. The OP mentioning the missing snake and in the same breath asking about a specific morph that they might be interested in buying unfortunately makes it sound like they’re already gearing to move on from CoCo. It’s way too soon for that!

In my experience and from what I’ve heard, snakes typically stay close to the walls when traveling. So I’d look along the walls, and if there’s anything the snake could hide under near a wall, I would check under those things.

Back when I was living in our old apartment, I once had one of my snakes escape their tub from downstairs, make their way all the way upstairs, just to settle in one of the upstairs bathrooms where the warm vent air was blowing. I definitely had to do a double take on that one.

There was another time where one of our snakes escaped, and traveled along the wall until she decided to settle under our little bookcase… which was against the wall and has a “hollow” bottom to it. Opposite side of the room from where her tub was!

As for the question about the spider morph — any ball python with spider will have a wobble. It can’t be bred out, and as far as I know the only gene that “masks” it is blackhead… however spider offspring produced from a blackhead spider can still have the wobble.

Wobble has not been scientifically proven to cause discomfort or pain to the individual animal. It’s basically a motor dysfunction, and messes with their balance and they tend to wobble their heads side to side, up and down, etc. (hence the term “wobble”)

But! The thing is, spiders can thrive well and their symptoms reduced if they are given the proper husbandry and are kept under minimal stress. My spider individuals typically show little to no wobble, with the exception of the few that are a little more stress-prone when it comes to handling or feeding.

YouTube videos showing them with “horrible” wobbles are either a) rescue snakes that came from a bad situation, or b) were purposely stressed to exaggerate their wobbles.
Don’t fall for it, they’re trying to convince you spider is some horrible painful thing for the snake when it really isn’t.

In the end, it really just depends on what you feel is right for you. I have no disrespect for those who have chosen not to support the morph, at least… ones that are respectful towards me. I definitely do not like people who act like keyboard warriors over what they think is “right” :roll_eyes:


Now that’s what I’m talking about :wink::ok_hand:


Go to youtube & search for ‘lost snake trap.’ They are pretty easy to make, I’ve seen several types. 2-Liter bottles, window screen, all different ways to make a trap you leave against the wall. Check twice daily, imho.


Also check near anything that generates warmth - appliances, radiators, vents, etc. The two times I’ve had an escapee they were found behind the fridge and behind the TV


I’ll also toss in a couple of methods I’ve used to find escape animals (though not always snakes). Laying flour out across doorways to show if an animal has moved into/out of that room overnight. Also, today’s wifi cameras have motion detection that works fantastic for a late night movement notification. Lastly I’ve found small camera’s (bore scope) cameras to be really helpful to look into hard to reach area’s without moving/dismantling an area (and they are available to just a few dollars on Amazon/eBay). Good Luck! – Peter


lol, i havent gone this far but, i always turn up the ac and leave a hide and heat mat. works pretty well
ive thought about buying a mouse and leaving it in a tub in the middle of the floor too

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one time mine was under my bed inbetween the box springs

I guess the way I worded it makes it sound like a goldfish but if you’d see which I’m going to post the pictures of I’ve been doing and how many times a day I go through a routine top the bottom and crawl space looking for her maybe you’ll look at my situation a little different and this is the first escape I’ve ever had …maybe I worded it wrong I’m sorry here’s some pictures of my basement tearing apart insulation pulling down drop ceilings every room in my house has been turned upside down appliances you name it I’ve done it… furniture all the bottoms of everything I could think of even ripped off all the
linings looking for her in box springs and couches. Etc. …ripped all the metal duct work out of my basement thinking she was in it… IMG_20201007_113531213|375x500

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I stand corrected I’ll be the first to admit it you don’t need admonishing. I wasn’t trying to attack but be stern. The way I read into it seemed like it was just gone and forgotten and on to the next. That is a tough proposition I hope you can find it that’s a real challenge there.

I’m sorry for your situation that’s very difficult and I’m sure you feel bad already.


Thank you .

i remember this post now. lol thats a bit much. try doing the flour on doorways and leave a couple of rats in a room (in a container) and get that room warm and the rest of the house cold

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Totally bagged and cleaned up the entire house today made sure the bags are tied knots and they’re not in the house just to make sure she’s not in them basements completely clear no signs I’m doing the flour tonight. Actually just got done with my entire house … praying I see something in the morning.

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