My collection so far

Lilly (Normal?)

Lilly and Jak
Jak (Normal?)

Luna (lavender jungle and supposedly black night)

Mili (Mojave) 118265187_4964956186863632_6099134472540092230_o - Copy - Copy
Sly (Butter / Enchi)118265187_4964956186863632_6099134472540092230_o - Copy (2)
Ember (Normal?)

No big plans on breeding my leos for specific stuff, but I can’t wait to breed my snakes and hopefully get some blue lucy’s


You have a beautiful collection of little smilers :blush:

I believe Lilly is a Normal, but I couldn’t guarantee it… I’m still learning my gecko morphs.
Jak looks more normal than Lilly though :man_shrugging:.

@mblaney will be able to help you :blush: