My corn snake collection 2022!

Diva - Amelanistic het anery - Female

Romeo - Amber tessera - Male

Quicksilver - Snow - Male

Cheeto - Amelanistic Motley - Male

Comet - Amelanistic red factor - Male

Flame - Diffused - Male (currently deep in shed)

Cactus - Stripe - Male

Maui - Butter - Male

Phoenix - reverse okeetee - Male

Popcorn - Butter - Female

Tangelo - fire - Male

Marmalade - ultramel tessera pos het anery and diffused - Female (due to lay soon)

Azalea - coral snow - female

Sunfire - extrem reverse - female (due to lay soon in shed)

Pretzel - Motley - Female due to lay soon in shed

Margarita - Amelanistic - female due to lay soon in shed

lightning - Snow - Female due to lay any moment now


Absolutely beautiful bunch! :heart:

What’s the pairings then, what are you hoping for? :blush:


I couldn’t agree more and my pairings out of these guys are as follows
Azalea x Quicksilver = I currently have 9 eggs in the incubator from them, and I should get 50% coral snow like Azalea and 50% Snow like Quicksilver
Popcorn x Maui = Fertility wasn’t good, as I currently only have one “good” egg
Sunfire x Comet = I’m just hoping for some nicer than normal amels
Lightning x Quicksilver = Should only have snows like them
Pretzel x Cactus = I should be getting some motleys and possible stripes from them
Margarita x Comet = Again just hoping for some nicer than normal amels, and to prove out if comet is in fact red coat or a red factor Amelanistic


Cannot wait to see the babies!
Sounds like you’re going to have some stunners there, snow is my fav corn morph I will say :heart_eyes:


Best morph! Can’t wait for the pippies!


You’ve got some really nice corns. Comet, Romeo, and Maui are probably my favorites!


You have such beautiful variety. I like them all. I think my favorites for looks would be Comet, Tangelo, Maui, and Azalea. Who are your favorites, disposition-wise?


Disposition wise: They are all pretty friendly except for Cheeto & Quicksilver think they are whips when I take them out, lol. If I had to pick a number one favorite I would have to say Sunfire because she just loves to be out and I swear there’s not a mean bone in her body, but I could say the same for lightning and Popcorn so It’s tough.


I love that it’s hard to choose a favorite for interaction. That’s definitely one of the things I love about keeping corns. Sunfire’s pattern is quite pretty. I like her angled saddles. You’ll have to post a new shot of Flame once he’s shed.