My crested geckos aren’t eating much

I have some crested geckos that we’re eating the repashy for a bit, then started Turing their noses. We’ve tried repashy, zoo med, Pangea, mushed fruits, and even baby food to entice them to eat. I’ve fed them crickets occasionally and they love to hunt and eat them. I know they can’t live directly off of insects and need some of the probiotics that the powder has in them.

Does anyone have any other recommendation to get the to eat something else besides crickets?


How do you know that they aren’t eating? Often, they will eat but you don’t know it.


I agree, Cresties take such little amounts that they don’t always appear to eat it, even though they are.

How often do you feed insects?


I feed them crickets twice a week. My stepdad was having the baby food or the powder mixed to where it covered the bottom part of the feeding container we had it in. When we first got them, they ate about 1/4 to half of the repashy that we made for them with the times we had it out for them. Since we started introducing crickets, it seems that they slowed down, if not stopped, once we introduce the crickets.


I find that putting a tiny bit on their nose gets them intrigued then they go looking for the food bowl.

Do you have any pictures of them?


Zoo med isn’t a great one to use. And Baby food definitely not…
Pangea and repashy, black panther, gecko diet, there’s many options for them, but definitely not human food. It’s not good for them and many who have fed it have caused issues to their Cresties in the long run.

I mix multiple flavours together usually, do you use many flavours of just stick to one?

How old are they? Certain times of the year Crestie will prefer insects over gecko diet.
Gut feed the crickets the gecko diet then they’re still getting it that way.
Also if you stop for a week the crickets, they usually go back onto the diet as they’ll be hungry!


Good shout, I missed the comment about those.

I know they said they are eating the crickets, but since stopped eating the gecko diets.

It might be they are filling up on the crickets since they is something new to them?


Another question, are they all living together or on their own?

We have been using multiple different flavors with them and they’ll like 1 or 2 flavors for a bit and then not touch it. We are gut loading and dusting the crickets before they’re given to our cresties. We talked to a local breeder and they said the organic baby food would entice them to eat a bit.

I have been waiting to feed them crickets so they’ll hopefully start eating the gecko diet we got them. The first two pictures are probably about 2 and 4 months old. The other one is about 6 months old.

No idea why they have told you this.
Cresties shouldn’t be fed baby food at all, any decent breeder knows this…

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Do they all have their own vivariums?

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Yes they do

I agree, that is very unhealthy since pretty much all baby food has a ton of other ingredients added, very few are healthy for cresties. I had a vet tell me this when one of my leopard geckos stopped eating. :man_facepalming: Let’s just say I used a different vet.

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Yes no baby food, it’s just not good for them. Reptile safe bee pollen mixed in might entice them.

I buy reptile supplies food as it already contains bee pollen (I also feed them Pangea & Rapashy)

How long have you had them?

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A couple of months

Are they pooping? as long as they look healthy (I think they do) and they are pooping then I wouldn’t worry too much.

It just might be they are saving their appetite for the bugs. Hopefully they will go back to eating the diet also

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