My Egyptian yellow fat tail

Here is my Egyptian yellow fat tail. She is pretty big and also somewhat aggressive.


I want a hot scorpion but I want to have a awesome bioactive setup with live plants and stuff like that.


One of the reasons i sparsely decorated was so that i can know where they are at all times.

I may add some IR overhead heaters i think i want to boost some heat as my tank heater seems only warm on the side.

I also have 3 more species to photograph Egyptian sand, Egyptian green and Tunisian fat tail.


I love the deathstalker. I just have to convince myself that I can do it.


I say caution should be exercised but they definitely are not unmanageable. I use 12x12x12 enclosure so that i have safety room and there really isnt a chance of escape. The only hairy time is if you have to trap them again to clean out the enclosure to do a deep clean they move pretty quick when they want to. Feeding is easy drop a cricket in they will find it no real need to put it up to thier face with Feeding tongs.


Scorpions are next on my “Get List” as soon as I get some rearranging done in the critter/craft room and make room for more enclosures.


Yeah, I know, but I just want to make sure.

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