My feeder insects aren't thriving

I have them in Tupperware tubs with holes in the lids. They are kept in a mix of wheat bran and oats. I add in veg as needed to gut load. They are kept in a spare closet, no light, and at approx 65F. I keep super worms, mealworms, and wax worms. They each have their own tub. I’ve found some dead wax and meal worms, and they don’t seem super active. I’ve never kept insects before. They’re for my new leopard gecko. any suggestions appreciated.

Ideal temperature for a thriving breeding colony would be in the mid 70’s


yeah and to add to what @stewart_reptiles said, mealworms sorta go into hibernation when temps are not warm enough so that is why if you have ever been to a pet store you will sometimes see them being kept in fridges to make them last longer. you should notice a big difference once your temps are up.


Ty! I’ll move them.