My first baby geckos! (G. Orientalis)

Since 26 November we got our first baby geckos. :grin:

Personally a little milestone since it’s the first reptile I got offspring off that’s not a Ball python. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its a bit of unexpected.

Because the mom has not seen our male ever since she got here.:thinking:

I think its probably retained sperm or a parto clutch.

Either way she must have hidden the eggs and somehow they hatched!:laughing:

So I was quite surprised to suddenly see little lizards walking around with mom…:sweat_smile:

They all have their own set up.

As that’s probably the best way to avoid any incidents. :wink:

But I’m very happy with these colourful little buggers!


Fingers crossed!:crossed_fingers:

(Any tips or tricks are welcome)


Oh my goodness, what cute little surprises!


Well pass out the cigars and break out the champagne! Congratulations on 4 of the cutest little gecko babies I have seen in a long time! Momma did good! I can’t believe she hid her eggs so well but she obviously took good care of them!

Such little sweeties! New life is grand! :+1::heart:

Btw what morph are these little guys? Just curious……:face_with_monocle:

Thanks. :grin:

Haha it’s gets even harder to find eggs if you are not even expecting any. :joy:

My best guess is she found a good spot.
Made a hole and after laying eggs covered it up again. :sweat_smile:

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Nothing fancy. :wink::wink:

They are just Wildtype Goniurosaurus orientalis. :lizard:

Off course the colour of the babies will change as they grow into adults.

I think there is something like a high pink line.
As far I’m aware off there are no other morphs with these species.
But I could be wrong. :laughing:

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