My first ball python!

Got this beauty Saturday from a loco breeder. Now I’m hooked on learning about these great snakes and looking forward to breeding ball pythons. He :poop: after a few hours in his new home and fed him last night no issues. So much great info on here as well YouTube can’t wait to share with the community. Kratos is a Champagne het red axanthic. IMG_20200314_150705|666x500](upload://4j0CKRAEyL6g3mOEWmKaMwUboAT.jpeg)


Hey there! Might want to edit your post and fix it, doesn’t look like the image is showing properly.

Anyways, congrats on your new noodle child! Ball python genetics are a lot of fun to learn about, and I’m breeding for the first time this year myself. Just make sure you get your husbandry down first, and do as much research as possible!



Switched up his home a little changed to paper towels for substrate and a smaller cool hide so he feels a bit more comfortable.


You have a beautiful baby! I just got my first piebald ball python and keeping his humidity with the substrate was impossible so we switched to paper towels for more control and it’s working. I just feel like substrate looks better and more like their natural habitat. So I feel bad not using it but will work hard to master the humidity temp control.

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Beautiful snakes I love champagne so much! My second one was a champagne
Welcome to the hobby!