My first boa litter! Mandarin Belly jungle het Leopard x Sonoran Leopard

Born 07/06/19
12 live
6 stillborn
2 slugs

So I apologise now for the length of this update I meant to do one much sooner! :sweat_smile: Unfortunately the litter contained 6 stillborns that were DOA but mum is doing really great and I’m so pleased with the babies I did get in the litter, their colours are developing beautifully so far.
The Mandarin belly is not always visible from birth and can take a while to show, so I will continue to post updated photos as they progress

Here are photos of the parents
Mandarin Belly jungle het leopard x Sonoran Leopard

The day they were born

And a few from after their first shed

2-5 weeks old

Just a comparison to show how much colour the Mandarin belly gain over time, here is a photo of the sire to this litter at one year, the photos of him with the female at the top of this post is him at 3 years old


@rosieboas a lot of babies!! Congratulations, they’re amazing looking!


@babyjoker Thanks so much I couldn’t be happier with them :heart_eyes:

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Awesome babies! Love the color variations!


@cyclopsridgeexotics Thank you! :smiley::smiley:

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Some lovely looking babies right there😍 congratulations!


Some stunners in that litter Congrats


Amazing litter congrats


Awsome colours…this the first litter a ever have seen from a boa…just started with boa’s so have still have learn a lot…:blush:

Beautiful litter

Congratzzz they look awsome…